The Omens of Talum-Kai

The Holy Path

Monologues are for suckers

After the exhausting events of the previous night those that were still living had a good nights rest. The Laughing Pig was extraordinarily comfy both inside and out, for those who had to spend the night in a stable.


In the morning, after some shopped and others ate, Leah, Sakaald, and Atalanta gathered together to meet with Verden.

She informed Leah that Gelfin had succumbed to his injuries and the Clerics were unable to save him. After the appropriate mourning period of a few seconds Verden led the group through the city to confront Bo Montague.


As they arrived at the church for the Holy Path. They saw that a small stage had been erected outside and a man, presumably Bo, stood atop spouting his sermon to the assembled crowd of pedestrians and obvious devotees.


Across the street from this stage stood a rather grumpy looking paladin clad in black. Balthazar had come to preach against this man and soon struck up a kinship with Atalanta and Leah who's combined snark drew the attention of Bo.


Bo engaged with them and Verden in a very amicable way. He concluded his sermon early, left protective orbs out for his congregation and the public and ushered the group into his building to search the premises.  Bo repeatedly apologized for not having a lot of room to move around seeingas his soup kitchen has expanded from a small portion of a back room to encompass his whole church interior.


A rather haggard looking, one could say hungover, man began to stick close to the group after hearing about free food. Wrax, after entering the building, proceeded to gorge himself on free food. He also managed to snag some orbs or balls from the Minister's bucket of balls and orbs.


At the same time, a Halfling named Wren accidentally found himself magically transported form a small alley into a broom closet. As he opened it he quickly realized that the glowing orb he had picked up earlier was the cause of his sudden and abrupt change in location. He quickly, if not as deftly as he would have liked, exited the broom closet and attempted to mingle with the room.


Verden and the res of the adventurers looked around the room. Searched and questioned. Everything appeared to be on the up and up. There wasn't anything particularly creepy or weird and Bo seemed, at least he seemed to truly believe, to be a good caring person who wanted to help the poor.


As the search seemed to be coming to an end, Verden gasped and collapsed to the ground. She withdrew a dart. It was purple with a silver rose for fletching. "The Silver Rose has Killed me!" she cried out.


Vereden's eyes danced around the room looking for any sign of where the dart came from but her strength flattered quickly. Convulsions followed soon after.


No much could be done for Verden at that moment. All at once random parishoners and people seeking food began to turn into Moon-Shades. One bashed Bo against the back wall of the church and the others began to attack the six people who remained behind, Sakaald, Wrax, Wren, Leah, Balthazar, and Atalanta.


The monsters did their best to subdue the group but the adventurers quickly gained the upper hand destroying almost everyone before a hooded man barreled into the room holding an orb, or one could call it a ball, over his head. The remaining few monsters burned away.


The hooded figure revealed himself to be none other than the missing detective, Porfiry. He gathered the group together and quickly devised a plan: get the hell out of here and somewhere safe before more monsters come and kill us.


Most of the party, being amenable to this plan, followed Porfiry to a secret hide out under some trash barrels.


After they were safely ensconced,, Porfiry took a moment to mourn his fallen niece, Verden. He postulated that killing her was a means of flushing him out into he open.


Porfiry revealed the truth, or as far as he knew it, surrounding his "Death". He has been tracking the Silver Rose for some time. In his search he has come across instances where the Silver Rose's darts have appeared at places that Moon-Shades have manifested. Sometimes but not always.


He goes on to explain that this Silver Rose is an assassin of the highest order. No one knows who he or she is. No one who knows how to find them has come forward and any that might have seem to disappear before they can.


Profiry agonized over the connection between the Silver Rose and the Moon-Shades but has not found anything concrete yet. Just like the person themselves, it remained elusive. "But" he said, "The fact that they are trying to kill me tells me I am onto something."


The group then moved to revive Bo. After gaining consciousness, he was questioned again. More specifically, he was questioned on the nature and creation of the orbs that he used to ward off attacks from the Moon-Shades.


He told the adventurers  that he buys them wholesale from a dwarf in Tinkertown, and with that the group set off.


Unfortunately, the dwarf turned out to be a dead end. Aside from being belligerent and distracted he claimed to have never sold anything aside form a nice vase to the preacher. Porfiry then revealed that he did follow Bo one night to an abandoned factory but lost him after he entered a building.


Annoyed by Porifry's seeming inability to do his own damn job, the party made their way to the warehouse to do it for him.


 They searched the premises, finding almost nothing, but eventually they stumbled upon a secret door in the floor.


Porfiry remained behind for reinforcements as the group moved down into the darkness.


They moved quickly down the passage unfortunately tripping a switch that sent them flying down  the passage and into an underground room.


Along one wall they found a relief sculpture of a skull protecting the only exit. After some searching they found two key holes, one in each of the eye sockets.


Additionally, along the walls to the left and right were open entrances to rooms. The rooms were fitted with alcoves. Small figurines of animals, soldiers, farmers etc. in different poses and professions were neatly arranged on the shelves of the alcoves.


After a thorough examination, Wren, in his attempt to sneak a toy soldier into his backpack, had it knocked from his hand by Lea where upon the figurine grew to full size and attacked.


From there, a combination of clumsiness and general confusion caused a few more of the figures to fall than was absolutely necessary. After the group brought everything under control they carefully searched for the figures that held the secret keys to the skull, fond them and proceeded, carefully forward.


They made their way down a short passage and stopped in front of a door. Carved into it were the words "An ally does not fit. An enemy should not be touched. A red Sun will rise. A blue night will fall. A black dove will lead you."


This message helped the group find an ally umongst the stone knights in the next room, unfortunately they were a little to hasty in their need to escape and woke the other stone knights trying to open the far door.


Luckily everyone made it out alive. After a short bout of sparring with some particularly nasty mimics the adventures foudnthemselves in an extremely creepy crypt. It had a large central room and two smaller rooms on the east and west walls.


The room to the east held riches and treasure beyond compare. The center room held a tomb, black and mysterious. Inside the tomb they found an emaciated body bedecked in Jewels and gold.


In the room to the west, they found a fountain that spewed glass orbs, the same orbs the Holy Path used to push back the moon shades. They also found Bo, but not Bo. He sounded different. Held himself differently. He told them his name was KARA-TA and he welcomed them to his tomb. He also noted her would enjoy watching them die.


At that moment the group attacked but nothing seemed to land. Kara-Ta seemed almost completely uninterested in fighting back. Instead he watched as the body in the tomb in the middle room began to take form and shape. Its skin started to knit back together. Its began to rise up form the tomb, but before it could fully recover its form, the Stone knight from before landed a heavy deadly blow, killing the monster.


A little taken aback by the group's success at killing the monster so quickly, Kara-Ta decided it would be best to just leave the group underground to die slowly.


But this wasn't the end.


Wren felt a pulsing coming form his bag. He opened it and the Jade Orb he had found earlier that day was once again glowing. Everyone came to look and they were all transported away from that dungeon.


They rematerialized in a dark cavern. There were no passages or exits that they could see, but the glimmering crystals that dotted every surface cast enough light to make out a figure in the twilight.


She stood, turned, and spoke. She revealed herself as Eldura, and she had been waiting for a long time.



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