The Northern continent, Thraeshae (Thray-Shuh), though brimming with civilization is far from civilized. Walking the streets of the great city of Tornak or traveling along the willow road from Eventhil to Lake Helgana can give the false impression that the peoples of this world have forever subjugated the land under their rule. But the wild ancient magic of this land cannot be tamed. One need only visit the tropical Keltan Islands in the northwest or the desolate Babar Steppe, teaming with Drowden horse archers, in the southeast to understand that Thraeshae is not so easily subdued.

Still, Thraeshae's wildness is nothing in comparison to its frozen sister to the south. Across the Fang Strait, Hester and its Arctic forests spread into the ever freezing southern reaches of this world. When children sleep fitfully in the lush northern farms of the Knotted Kingdoms, they dream of monsters from Hester

Most know the tales to be nonsense. Some to this day still go searching for the Gruntknack of Hevestal bringing back foot prints or anecdotes of strange noises in the night but nothing more. 

Still, as the lumberjacks, trappers and rangers of both continents know, foolish is the person who believes they understand the land. Thraeshae and Hester, Sisters of Creation, keep more secrets than they tell and hide more wonders than can possibly be imagined.