Thraeshae (Thray-Shuh) is the Northern Continent in this world. Its sister, Hester, is the Southern Continent.

The two are often depicted as two maidens, one of black hair one of white, holding hands and often feature in the folktales and mythology of the world. Some religions of the land even revere them as the creators of the universe, but many other see them as simply symbols of their incredible, beautiful and ever changing world. 

Thraeshae is a very diverse continent. It is split down the middle by the Half Fang mountains with the lush Sheshan Forest and industrious Frieshan Penisula to the west and the desolate Babar Steppe and fruitful Knotted kingdoms to the east.

The many peoples of Thraeshae have, over time, formed nations, waged war, conquered and reconquered friends and foes. Over time, though, trade and technology have tamed the peoples of the world far more than the land itself. While it is safe for a human to openly walk through and even live in the Elven city of Helgana, no one doubts for a second the dangers that lurk in the deep wilderness of the northern Sheshan. And while life in the Knotted Kingdoms seems luxurious, most understand that the Gates of Astor are all that stand between their world and the barbarous hordes of the Drowkhan.  


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