The Omens of Talum-Kai

Ocean's and Tides
How to fly a hovercar

After the group allowed Professor Tallow to escape they set off to look for Tandor. Noth finding him in the barn or his house Wyndolyn and Gelfin decided to provision and fix the docked boast while Zaramir and Leah Dearched the Professor's Labratory.

While Wyn and Gelfin plundered Tandor's home and Ice Box, Zaramir and Leah found Tandor working on some odd flying machine. He offered to fly them to Tornack which they both readily accept. 

After a playful bout of " Oh, we thought you were dead so we were just going to pilfer your stuff" the group got underway. They flew over Huthval, the port city of the [[Frieshan Kingdom]], and followed the Ingya River to Tornack where they were shot out of the sky. 

After they crashed they quickly found themselves surrounded by royal guardsman who promptly arrested them, not without issue. 

They spent the night in jail and were questioned by Detective Porfiry, a member of the Eldurmenn. He secretly informed them to meet him at a Tavern called The Frog And Hammer. 

After they were released and spent the day in the city, they made their way to The Frog And Hammer. As they approached a huge explosion and roar of flame erupted form the bar.

Forbidden Magic
The Island of Professor Tallow

After taking some time to recover from the Zombie Monster attack that resulted in Thorgenson's injured body being taken away, the group made their way around the island to see what they could find. 

They came upon a small farm: barn, garden and cottage. A man named Tandor introduced himself to the group, offering hospitality, but informing them that they cannot leave without his master's permission. 

Tandor talked a lot about his master, how smart he is, how kind, how much he helps people. He even told Zaramir that his master could heal his severed arm. Tandor pointed the group towards the mountain where they could clearly see Tandor's Master's workshop.

Half of the group decided to check out the building and soon met Professor Tallow, Tandor's Master. The Professor invited the whole group to tour his lab. He showed them his enormous library and introduced them to his work. He had, for some time now, been experimenting on genetic hybridization. He waxed poetically about the potential of combining technology with magic. He even demonstrated his technological and medicinal prowess by attaching a white furry monstrous arm onto Zaramir's severed stump.

After the procedure was completed the professor made his way to his personal study and seemingly disappeared.  After some investigation the goup found a secret door that lead deeper into the mountain. Once inside they learned the truth of Professor tallow's island.

They found themselves in the middle of an arena where Tallow's hybrid monster's battled them, but most were quickly dispatched. But that wasn't the end of it. Professor Tallow then revealed his masterpiece, the mutated and monstrous form of Thorgenson. 

The group came close to being wiped out by this accursed figure but in the end they prevailed, narrowly missing Professor Tallow as he flew away from the island in a machine of his own design. 

Sails and Oars
That time we broke a box

Thorgenson was good to his word.  In the morning after the horrors in the woods he again offered and indeed seemed to sincerely be looking forward to traveling to Tornack with everyone.

After reconvening in the Hobnail, Zaramir introduced Gelfin to Wenzel. Gelfin, surprised at the existence of the Rothe, was quick to ingratiate himself and learn more about Wenzel. He was not the only one though. A bar patron also seemed intrigued by this rare being. Lia, a dark haired, black clad, hooded, and seemingly human person, asked to come along seeing as she too was witness to the events of [[Crastor's Day]].

After getting to the docks and boadring the ship, Gelfin and Lia helped Thorgenson's crew load up a particularly delicate box that seemed to have strange runes on it. They placed it within easy access to investigate later. 

Thorgenson and crew were soon underway. He passed out some flasks to the adventurers and toasted a safe and fast voyage. Unfortunately on the second day a storm started brewing causing the group to stay below as the sailors kept the ship undercontrol. 

Overcome with curiosity the group decided to investigate the mysterious box. After creating an illusion of subterfuge on the hold's entrance, Wenzel passed a crowbar to Zaramir who cracked the box open. The box wasn't the only thing to crack though. Upon opening the box it was revealed, all to late, that the crowbar has cracked the surface of a glass globe filled with swirling clouds. The clouds began to issue forth from the crack. 

All of  sudden the ship tilted 90 degrees causing supplies and adventurer's to tumble. Gelfin fell so hard he smashed into a cache of weapons and was impaled on a spear. 

Luckily for the group potions and other supplies were rolling around on the floor and they managed to bring Gelfin back from the brink.

Regaining some composure the group set about to try and fix what they had broken. Using [[Canard's Tape]]. Unfortunatly the tape didn't hold so well but another accidental slip of Zaramirs hand replaced the crack with a sizable hole causing the clouds to billow out of the globe. 

Another wave smashed into the ship sending the group off its feet. 

Wenzel, in an attempt to bring the ship under control tried to make it to the helm but was knocked over and became tangled in the loose ropes on deck. The constant rocking smashed him back and forth between the gunnels. 

Gelfin sent his unseen servant to the helm to hold the wheel while Lia bounded onto the main deck helping Wenzel back to his feet. Wenzel, undaunted by his injuries made his way to the helm and tried to right the ship. At the helm Wenzel witness something truly awe inspiring.

A giant godlike figure made of clouds and thunder was raining down lightning and stirring the oceans to madness. The Cloud figure threw out his hands and a wave swamped the boat. 

The group woke up on a tropical island. Boxes, wood and other sundries washing on shore with them. They searched the area immediately around them finding some supplies and objects. Healing potions, two vials of liquid, one blue one red, a dagger with a pearl handle, a whip with threaded gold running through it, and a fork and knife of silver trimmed obsidian.

In their search they came upon Thorgenson who was grievously wounded. Plying him with health potions only slowed down his agony but it gave him the wherewithal to snort something from his belt. Immediately his wound was healed but the side effect caused him to go catatonic and rigid as a board. 

The group pulled him back to the fire only to be set upon by four zombies. After irresponsibly throwing his weapons into the ocean and the forest Zaramir began to punch the foes as the others picked them off with sword and arrow. Everyone fought and beat them back but a Zombie Beholder took their place. It pushed and fought and everyone worked valiantly to beat the monster back. Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough. 

The Beholder paralyzed Wenzel with a beam from its eye, and frightened Zaramir to the point of immobility leaving him open to attack. The Beholder grabbed Zaramir by the arm and flung him into the woods ripping his arm from his socket. 

The monster then wrapped its pseudopodic eyes stalks around Thorgenson and dragged him into the woods leaving the adventurers alone on the beach beaten but itching to get even.

Blood In The Snow

In the morning hours a quiet settled on Hevestel, a deep and somber quiet laced with the fear that the darkness that plagued the city last night would not return today. 

In the Hobnail, our three adventurers decided to let Wenzel look for passage north to Tornack. This was less due to mutual agreement and more to the hungoverness of one half elf and the lack of interest by a half orc in seeking passage so early in the day.

So, sitting together in the bar with not but the remains of Jorah's body, a drunken passed out reveler and the bar maid, Wyndolen and Zaramir waited patiently for Wenzel's return.

It was at this time that another person entered the bar. A teifling, rare in the west, came and inquired with the bar maid about food, drink, and the giant hole in the side of the building. After grumpily answering his questions the bar maid sent him off with drink.

As this teifling was sitting down a rather official looking bearded man walked in right up to the bar. On his breast was the sigil of the Eldurmenn. Wyndolen jumped up immediately upon seeing this man and began to gush with excitment. She told him about her father Atrian who he seemed to recall from a long time ago. 

As it turned out this Eldurmann, Thorgenson, was on assignment to find out what exactly had happened here last night. Wyndolen was all too happy to fill in the gaps of information and explain the strange encounter they witnessed. 

Pleased with the report Thorgenson enquired about possibly enlisting Wyndolen or any others she could find in a short mission to retrieve some lost children who went missing last night. She delightfully accepted and said she would meet him soon with others.

After Thorgenson left through the back of the bar, Wyndolen was approached by the Teifling who, attempting to gain favor, pretended to know her father. She immediately caught him in the lie but rather than reacting quickly or with violence to the newcomer she instead unsheathed her whip and lassoed Zaramir who, upon recognizing that there was indeed a teifling in the bar, had rushed at him looking to potentially add its head to a future wall. 

Calmness and amicability prevailed and Zaramir and Wyndolen were introduced to Gelfin. 

The three of them set out and met up with Thorgenson who lead them into the woods. They soon found that the path they were following boded ill for the fate of the children: blood on branches, deep monstrous tracks in the snow.

They came into a clearing that stole Thorgenson's resolve. In the middle of the clearing was a makeshift alchemical circle made of the viscera and pieces of the missing children, and in the center of the circle was a symbol who's origin Thorgenson gasped aloud, Seth Harreen.


Before the group had a chance to really search the scene they were stumbled upon by a Kenku dragging the remains of the second child into the clearing. Wyndolen, Zaramir and Thorgenson jumped to fight the monster, while Gelfin, taken by surprised slipped on the frozen ground. 

The monster was quickly and efficiently dispatched by Wyndolen who managed to run the bird-creature through while simultaneously flipping it over head and catching a glass object from the kenku's dead hand.

Further inspection of the object revealed it to be a rather complex ampoule filled with a dark, semi viscous liquid. During Gelfin's inspection he found some pretty dark and powerful magic to be emanating from it. 

Disgusted with the horror the wretched kenku had wrought upon the children Zaramir broke the pentacle as Gelfin set the pieces aflame. Unfortunately it seemed some lingering magic brought the fiery pieces of flesh to life but again this aberration was quickly dispatched by the team.

Thorgenson distressed by what he had seen asked if the goup would accompany him back to Tornack to give witness to what happened here today and to corroborate his report on the events of the previous night. Everyone accepted and made their way back to town to alert the villagers of their tragic loss.

The Hobnail Hullabaloo
Our Story Begins

It was Crastors Day in Hevestel. A festival day that celebrated the city's famed reputation as the City of Monsters. It was early evening. The revelry and parties had died down a little as many people went home to recharge and prepare for the boisterous, drunken and costume laden revelry that would begin later that night. 

Other's chose to spend their time waiting for the evenings partying in one of the local Tavern's. 

The Hobnail, a warm and welcoming bar on the Western edge of the city, was one such Tavern. Adventurers and locals mixed together well with the bar's tasty beer and rib sticking food. All in all this night seemed as ordinary as can be.

The peace and general din of the bar was broken, all of a sudden, when a man, dried blood on his face and dressed in torn clothing, burst into the bar yelling for help. He needed to send a warning "Someone, please, I need someone to get a message to Japith Kressor in Tornack! The Seth-Hareen have risen! Their storm will wash over the land and kill everything in its path! They need to protect the Talorican!"

Immediately three individuals jumped up to help. A Half-Elf, a Half-Orc and an individual who's kind have not been seen in many years, the humanoid turtles of legend called Frore. The Half-Orc immediately checked the man's wounds, as the Half-Elf attempted to make what this man was saying. 

He kept repeating the need to warn a man named Japith Kressor in Tornak when all of a sudden the door to the bar was blown off its hinges and into the bar. A large hand clad in black metal reached up and smashed out the area above the door to reveal a nine foot tall behemoth of what one can only assume is a man. Clad head to toe in spiked black armor, with a helm of spikes and face slots of glowing red, the monster stepped into the bar and called in a deep grating voice to the man, naming him Jorah and calling him a heathen. His accusations punctuated by flames that erupted from his face slits. 

Immediately the Half-Elf tried to whip the behemoth, but he caught it in midair and threw her bodily across the room. The turtle moved to a more advantageous position as the Half-Orc remained with the injured man. The monster walked towards them, grabbed the man by the skull and lifted him bodily from the floor. He turned to the bar an said "Tell who you will, the Seth-Hareen will soon cleanse this land, and return the world back to ashes. Karthset will lead the armies of the Seth-Hareen and wash as a sea of fire over the whole world." The monster then leaned into Jorah and stabbed him with a black fire rimmed sword through his body and dropping the remains to the floor. 

The behemoth looked up, looked around the bar. Immediately, sensing an opening, the Half-Elf fired off a crossbow bolt that hit squarely in the monster's faceplate. Unfortunately it devoured the bolt and spat it back out as a mote of fire. The monster raised his hand after that and a wall of energy bowled over everyone in the bar, some being thrown to the other side of the building. with his victory complete the monster turned and began to walk out, but not before three Kobolds made their way into the bar around their master. 

The three who had stepped up to help Jorah immediately engaged the Kobolds in battle. The Half-Elf deftly stabbing one through the face, while the Frore warrior pinned another bodily to the ground with his spear before punching him into his doom. The Half-Orc pulled a maul from his belt as the last Kobold attacked and swung at its head, catching it under the chin and separating the Kobold's skull fromt its body and imbedding it in the ceiling. 

The group chased the Monster outside. They were greeted with a sight of Chaos. Goblins and Kobolds chased townspeople and ransacked houses, as other towns folk attempted to put out fires in the neighborhood. 

The Half-Elf again whipped at the Monster snapping against his helmet. The Monster turned to face them, suddenly recognizing the species in front of him. After chastizing the Frore he placed his hands in the ground and conjured fire sprites that immediately jumped on the Turtle Man. With some quick thinking the Half-Elf overturned a water barrel which doused two of the monsters and injured the other two enough so that one swing from the Half-Orc's maul dissolved the rest back into nothingness. 

Amused by their fighting the Monster reached above his head and seemingly ripped a hole in reality out of which three more Kobolds fell. These to were easily dispatched by the warriors.

The Monster gave out another low chuckle and again reached above his head. This time, however, he opened reality and let it swallow him, and the rest of the Goblins and Kobolds in the city, out of existence. 

The Half-Orc returned to the bar, as the Frore and Half-Elf stood outside trying to calm the crowds. 

When the Frore returned back into the tavern he saw the Half-Orc holding the now dead Jorah. When the Half-Elf also returned to the bar the Half-Orc revealed to the group that with his dying breaths the man again pleaded to send word to this Japith Kressor in Tornak but he also mentioned something about omens or some such thing. 

The group then resolved itself to find this Jorah Kressor and deliver the dying man's message. 


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