Chaotic neutral monster hunter


A half-orc barbarian from the Tangaran steppe, Zaramir left his home in search of monsters to kill. He comes to Hevestel for Crastor’s Day, in case a real monster appears.


Game 1: The Hobnail Hullabaloo
Zaramir begins the campaign in the Hobnail, nursing a second beer that he can’t afford. When Jorah arrives at the Hobnail with warnings of the Omens and the Seth-Hareen, Zaramir is less than interested – beyond helping the man’s wounds – but his interest is piqued by the arrival of the Monster.

Zaramir leaps at the chance to battle a worthy foe and wipes the floor with some Kobolds and fire sprites (with the able help of Wyndolen Flint and Wenzel Dashington). The Monster exits through magical means, leaving Zaramir’s rage unquenched.

Jorah’s last words – heard only by Zaramir – warn of three coming Omens, leaving Zaramir with even more questions (and an unpaid bar tab).

Game 2: Blood In The Snow
Zaramir chills in the still-wrecked Hobnail, drinking another unpaid-for beer. When an extremely hungover Flint leaves the table, he steals her remaining breakfast as well.

After nearly killing Gelfin Dorin due to his inhuman appearance, Zaramir is drawn into a rescue party, led by Thorgenson, to retrieve some kidnapped children.

The party finds a sigil made of entrails, all manner of dark magics, and an ampule that seems rather important (Celestial, even). Also, he witnesses Flint kill the hell out of a kanku.

They destroy the sigil, the creature it summons, and leave to recover the absent Wenzel and head for Tornack.

Zaramir’s bar-tab remains unpaid, to the dismay of the Hobnail’s lead barkeep.

Game 3: Sails and Oars
After dodging the blade of the Hobnail’s barmaid (and paying her off with a small diamond found in the Kanku’s pocket during Blood In The Snow), Zaramir joins the adventurers on a boat captained by Thorgenson, headed for Tornack.

Before leaving dock, Gelfin and new team member Lia become interested in a strange crate being loaded on-board the ship and decide to steal its contents, enlisting Zaramir’s help. Not being a clever man, Zaramir shoves a crowbar into the crate and rips it open, cracking a mystical globe filled with smoke inside.

Attempts to seal the globe with Canard’s Tape fail and the ship is destroyed, stranding the adventurers and Thorgenson (who goes into a meditative trance after snorting a strange powder) on a strange island.

Zaramir attempts to communicate with the island’s surrounding fish for information, but the fish he comes into contact with is relatively unhelpful.

The island is inhabited by zombies, including a zombified Beholder, who attack the group. Zaramir, thrown into a rage (and rolling quite badly), loses the majority of his weapons. Then, the Zombie Beholder bit his arm off, throwing him into the trees.

Potions heal his injuries and seal the wound, but he remains mostly unarmed – and down an actual arm.

Game 4: Forbidden Magic

Zaramir and the adventurers investigate the island and discover a mad scientist working in a complex underground lair / laboratory. The mad Professor offers Zaramir a new arm, from a closet of available options.

Having taken on the aspect of the Bear, Zaramir is drawn to the furred arm of a yeti. It grants him extra attack power to punches / scratches.

Zaramir also picks up a swanky new duster from a closet of dead people’s clothes, including Thorgenson’s things.

Together, he and the adventurers defeat a creature made from parts of Thorgenson in gladiatorial combat. The Professor escapes in a strange flying contraption (a helicopter, for the folks at home).

Game 5: Ocean Tides

(coming soon)


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