The Omens of Talum-Kai

The Hobnail Hullabaloo

Our Story Begins

It was Crastors Day in Hevestel. A festival day that celebrated the city's famed reputation as the City of Monsters. It was early evening. The revelry and parties had died down a little as many people went home to recharge and prepare for the boisterous, drunken and costume laden revelry that would begin later that night. 

Other's chose to spend their time waiting for the evenings partying in one of the local Tavern's. 

The Hobnail, a warm and welcoming bar on the Western edge of the city, was one such Tavern. Adventurers and locals mixed together well with the bar's tasty beer and rib sticking food. All in all this night seemed as ordinary as can be.

The peace and general din of the bar was broken, all of a sudden, when a man, dried blood on his face and dressed in torn clothing, burst into the bar yelling for help. He needed to send a warning "Someone, please, I need someone to get a message to Japith Kressor in Tornack! The Seth-Hareen have risen! Their storm will wash over the land and kill everything in its path! They need to protect the Talorican!"

Immediately three individuals jumped up to help. A Half-Elf, a Half-Orc and an individual who's kind have not been seen in many years, the humanoid turtles of legend called Frore. The Half-Orc immediately checked the man's wounds, as the Half-Elf attempted to make what this man was saying. 

He kept repeating the need to warn a man named Japith Kressor in Tornak when all of a sudden the door to the bar was blown off its hinges and into the bar. A large hand clad in black metal reached up and smashed out the area above the door to reveal a nine foot tall behemoth of what one can only assume is a man. Clad head to toe in spiked black armor, with a helm of spikes and face slots of glowing red, the monster stepped into the bar and called in a deep grating voice to the man, naming him Jorah and calling him a heathen. His accusations punctuated by flames that erupted from his face slits. 

Immediately the Half-Elf tried to whip the behemoth, but he caught it in midair and threw her bodily across the room. The turtle moved to a more advantageous position as the Half-Orc remained with the injured man. The monster walked towards them, grabbed the man by the skull and lifted him bodily from the floor. He turned to the bar an said "Tell who you will, the Seth-Hareen will soon cleanse this land, and return the world back to ashes. Karthset will lead the armies of the Seth-Hareen and wash as a sea of fire over the whole world." The monster then leaned into Jorah and stabbed him with a black fire rimmed sword through his body and dropping the remains to the floor. 

The behemoth looked up, looked around the bar. Immediately, sensing an opening, the Half-Elf fired off a crossbow bolt that hit squarely in the monster's faceplate. Unfortunately it devoured the bolt and spat it back out as a mote of fire. The monster raised his hand after that and a wall of energy bowled over everyone in the bar, some being thrown to the other side of the building. with his victory complete the monster turned and began to walk out, but not before three Kobolds made their way into the bar around their master. 

The three who had stepped up to help Jorah immediately engaged the Kobolds in battle. The Half-Elf deftly stabbing one through the face, while the Frore warrior pinned another bodily to the ground with his spear before punching him into his doom. The Half-Orc pulled a maul from his belt as the last Kobold attacked and swung at its head, catching it under the chin and separating the Kobold's skull fromt its body and imbedding it in the ceiling. 

The group chased the Monster outside. They were greeted with a sight of Chaos. Goblins and Kobolds chased townspeople and ransacked houses, as other towns folk attempted to put out fires in the neighborhood. 

The Half-Elf again whipped at the Monster snapping against his helmet. The Monster turned to face them, suddenly recognizing the species in front of him. After chastizing the Frore he placed his hands in the ground and conjured fire sprites that immediately jumped on the Turtle Man. With some quick thinking the Half-Elf overturned a water barrel which doused two of the monsters and injured the other two enough so that one swing from the Half-Orc's maul dissolved the rest back into nothingness. 

Amused by their fighting the Monster reached above his head and seemingly ripped a hole in reality out of which three more Kobolds fell. These to were easily dispatched by the warriors.

The Monster gave out another low chuckle and again reached above his head. This time, however, he opened reality and let it swallow him, and the rest of the Goblins and Kobolds in the city, out of existence. 

The Half-Orc returned to the bar, as the Frore and Half-Elf stood outside trying to calm the crowds. 

When the Frore returned back into the tavern he saw the Half-Orc holding the now dead Jorah. When the Half-Elf also returned to the bar the Half-Orc revealed to the group that with his dying breaths the man again pleaded to send word to this Japith Kressor in Tornak but he also mentioned something about omens or some such thing. 

The group then resolved itself to find this Jorah Kressor and deliver the dying man's message. 



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