The Omens of Talum-Kai

Ocean's and Tides

How to fly a hovercar

After the group allowed Professor Tallow to escape they set off to look for Tandor. Noth finding him in the barn or his house Wyndolyn and Gelfin decided to provision and fix the docked boast while Zaramir and Leah Dearched the Professor's Labratory.

While Wyn and Gelfin plundered Tandor's home and Ice Box, Zaramir and Leah found Tandor working on some odd flying machine. He offered to fly them to Tornack which they both readily accept. 

After a playful bout of " Oh, we thought you were dead so we were just going to pilfer your stuff" the group got underway. They flew over Huthval, the port city of the [[Frieshan Kingdom]], and followed the Ingya River to Tornack where they were shot out of the sky. 

After they crashed they quickly found themselves surrounded by royal guardsman who promptly arrested them, not without issue. 

They spent the night in jail and were questioned by Detective Porfiry, a member of the Eldurmenn. He secretly informed them to meet him at a Tavern called The Frog And Hammer. 

After they were released and spent the day in the city, they made their way to The Frog And Hammer. As they approached a huge explosion and roar of flame erupted form the bar.



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