The Omens of Talum-Kai

Forbidden Magic

The Island of Professor Tallow

After taking some time to recover from the Zombie Monster attack that resulted in Thorgenson's injured body being taken away, the group made their way around the island to see what they could find. 

They came upon a small farm: barn, garden and cottage. A man named Tandor introduced himself to the group, offering hospitality, but informing them that they cannot leave without his master's permission. 

Tandor talked a lot about his master, how smart he is, how kind, how much he helps people. He even told Zaramir that his master could heal his severed arm. Tandor pointed the group towards the mountain where they could clearly see Tandor's Master's workshop.

Half of the group decided to check out the building and soon met Professor Tallow, Tandor's Master. The Professor invited the whole group to tour his lab. He showed them his enormous library and introduced them to his work. He had, for some time now, been experimenting on genetic hybridization. He waxed poetically about the potential of combining technology with magic. He even demonstrated his technological and medicinal prowess by attaching a white furry monstrous arm onto Zaramir's severed stump.

After the procedure was completed the professor made his way to his personal study and seemingly disappeared.  After some investigation the goup found a secret door that lead deeper into the mountain. Once inside they learned the truth of Professor tallow's island.

They found themselves in the middle of an arena where Tallow's hybrid monster's battled them, but most were quickly dispatched. But that wasn't the end of it. Professor Tallow then revealed his masterpiece, the mutated and monstrous form of Thorgenson. 

The group came close to being wiped out by this accursed figure but in the end they prevailed, narrowly missing Professor Tallow as he flew away from the island in a machine of his own design. 



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