The Omens of Talum-Kai

In the morning hours a quiet settled on Hevestel, a deep and somber quiet laced with the fear that the darkness that plagued the city last night would not return today. 

In the Hobnail, our three adventurers decided to let Wenzel look for passage north to Tornack. This was less due to mutual agreement and more to the hungoverness of one half elf and the lack of interest by a half orc in seeking passage so early in the day.

So, sitting together in the bar with not but the remains of Jorah's body, a drunken passed out reveler and the bar maid, Wyndolen and Zaramir waited patiently for Wenzel's return.

It was at this time that another person entered the bar. A teifling, rare in the west, came and inquired with the bar maid about food, drink, and the giant hole in the side of the building. After grumpily answering his questions the bar maid sent him off with drink.

As this teifling was sitting down a rather official looking bearded man walked in right up to the bar. On his breast was the sigil of the Eldurmenn. Wyndolen jumped up immediately upon seeing this man and began to gush with excitment. She told him about her father Atrian who he seemed to recall from a long time ago. 

As it turned out this Eldurmann, Thorgenson, was on assignment to find out what exactly had happened here last night. Wyndolen was all too happy to fill in the gaps of information and explain the strange encounter they witnessed. 

Pleased with the report Thorgenson enquired about possibly enlisting Wyndolen or any others she could find in a short mission to retrieve some lost children who went missing last night. She delightfully accepted and said she would meet him soon with others.

After Thorgenson left through the back of the bar, Wyndolen was approached by the Teifling who, attempting to gain favor, pretended to know her father. She immediately caught him in the lie but rather than reacting quickly or with violence to the newcomer she instead unsheathed her whip and lassoed Zaramir who, upon recognizing that there was indeed a teifling in the bar, had rushed at him looking to potentially add its head to a future wall. 

Calmness and amicability prevailed and Zaramir and Wyndolen were introduced to Gelfin. 

The three of them set out and met up with Thorgenson who lead them into the woods. They soon found that the path they were following boded ill for the fate of the children: blood on branches, deep monstrous tracks in the snow.

They came into a clearing that stole Thorgenson's resolve. In the middle of the clearing was a makeshift alchemical circle made of the viscera and pieces of the missing children, and in the center of the circle was a symbol who's origin Thorgenson gasped aloud, Seth Harreen.


Before the group had a chance to really search the scene they were stumbled upon by a Kenku dragging the remains of the second child into the clearing. Wyndolen, Zaramir and Thorgenson jumped to fight the monster, while Gelfin, taken by surprised slipped on the frozen ground. 

The monster was quickly and efficiently dispatched by Wyndolen who managed to run the bird-creature through while simultaneously flipping it over head and catching a glass object from the kenku's dead hand.

Further inspection of the object revealed it to be a rather complex ampoule filled with a dark, semi viscous liquid. During Gelfin's inspection he found some pretty dark and powerful magic to be emanating from it. 

Disgusted with the horror the wretched kenku had wrought upon the children Zaramir broke the pentacle as Gelfin set the pieces aflame. Unfortunately it seemed some lingering magic brought the fiery pieces of flesh to life but again this aberration was quickly dispatched by the team.

Thorgenson distressed by what he had seen asked if the goup would accompany him back to Tornack to give witness to what happened here today and to corroborate his report on the events of the previous night. Everyone accepted and made their way back to town to alert the villagers of their tragic loss.


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Blood In The Snow

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